High Buy: The KandyPens Gravity

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You can’t defy Gravity… or can you? The Gravity Vaporizer is the latest and greatest release from the biggest name in the industry, KandyPens. The Gravity is an exquisitely crafted wax pen vaporizer that features both of the newest technologies in the vape pen game: Quartz Crystal & Coil-Less Ceramic. The Gravity features incredible styling, advanced quartz crystal and coil-less ceramic atomizer technology, as well as a temperature controlled battery that’s covered under an industry-leading lifetime warranty from KandyPens. Boasting a noir-style sandblasted black finish, the Gravity is as stealth as it is sleek. There’s currently no other wax pen on the market that can match the Gravity’s unique styling and advanced technology.


KandyPens has improved upon the quartz crystal and ceramic atomizer technology found on their popular Donuts and Galaxy wax pens, and in doing so have made the Gravity one of the most versatile and best wax pens on the market. For the purest and cleanest tasting dabs possible, it doesn’t get any better than the Gravity’s Quartz Crystal atomizer, which features dual quartz rods wrapped in premium titanium coils in a quartz chamber. For those looking to savor the flavor of their wax concentrates, the Gravity’s Coil-less Ceramic atomizer is completely free of wicks and wires and utilizes SloBurn Technology for more casual dab sessions.



While most wax pens are equipped with a single temperature setting, KandyPens knows that “one temp doesn’t fit all” – which is why they outfitted the Gravity with an advanced temperature controlled battery with four different settings. Clicking the power button three times allows you to toggle between four preset temperature settings (300, 350, 390, 430), each indicated by a different color LED light. No other wax pen allows you to choose between the many temperature settings, and no other wax pen vaporizer is as versatile as the KandyPens Gravity.


Stealthy, yet stylish, the Gravity’s sandblasted black finish is sexy and discreet. Unlike other flashy wax pens that scream “Look at Me!”, the Gravity is low key and wont draw any unwanted attention from eaves-droppers on onlookers. Aesthetically speaking, the Gravity is simple and sleek, and has a “dark & stormy” vibe to it. The Gravity doesn’t just look great, it also…

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