HIgh Science: How You Can Grow Weed & Get High On Mars


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The inherent problem with trips to Mars comes in the form of a commodity that cannot be marginalized: food. While other problems like fuel and oxygen can be mitigated with technological advancements, food can’t simply be fabricated, yet. One man sees the issue of growing food in space as a problem that might be solved by cannabis.

Space age technology

Mike Dixon directs the University of Guelph’s Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility. That impressive title boils down to what every indoor cannabis grower strives for. He runs a place that tries to perfect automated growing techniques for tailored results.

We’re going to have to take plants [to space]. We don’t have the mass and energy budget to carry enough food to keep a crew going indefinitely. You have to have some bioregenerative food production system. So we’re not leaving the planet without them.

Long trips in space have to take everything into account. Every pound onboard a rocket has to have the fuel to carry it, so in…

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