High Science: The Future Of Home Extraction Is Here


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When it comes to homemade concentrates there have only been two choices in the arsenal of the average amateur. One is bubble or ice hash, using screen bags and ice to make your own hash in a tedious process with varying degrees of quality. The other is the dangerous process of BHO extraction in a homemade setup that could potentially blow up your garage or apartment. Even with the innovation of Rosin extraction, the process is still time-consuming and inefficient, but no longer. The revolution of homemade concentrates is here. 

Mr. Extractor

Connoisseur Concentrates has the tabletop system to blow all others away. It is simple to use, fast, and safe. A truly closed-loop system of medical grade components, Argon welded for leak proof design, Mr. Extractor is the first passive device to rival the speed and efficiency of large and complex active systems.

Rather than high-pressure systems, it uses “Thermoflux” technology to yield extractions of up to 30% weight of the raw material! All you need is…

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