highTunes: Perfect Weed Pairings for G4SHI, Blink-182, and Roy Woods


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stoned chris farley sudden realization im stonedAt the highTunes lab, we’re well aware that music and weed are enjoyable at a high level individually. We strive to achieve pairings that take two independently great things and enhance them to otherwise unheard of levels. The success of these music and marijuana marriages can be measured in smiling head-nods, as seen on the right.

This week’s pairings all scored off-the-charts due to their ability to work in unison to achieve a greater goal. We’re going one step further this edition by showing you just how to use these highTunes pairings to your advantage. Not only will your level of enjoyment be high, but your friends will be astonished by your stoned-mellier skills. We’ll look at a prototypical weekend and give you three albums and strains that will not only get you through but make for an experience you won’t soon forget. Get your outfit ready, call your friends, hit the dispensary, and enjoy!

It’s Friday. You just finished a long week of work and can’t wait to let loose. Your friends are on their way to pick you up to try this new bar they heard about. You know you want to keep things low-key because you have plans Saturday night as well, so smoke on some hybrid Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.

The PGSC’s sweet aroma will draw you in while also wiping away any anxieties or stress, allowing you to have the night of your life sans worries. To find the perfect music to pair with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, we need a bass-filled project that you’ll feel as much as you’ll hear. Brooklyn artist G4SHI’s brand new Stairs EP fits the bill perfectly, combining smooth melodies with rich, complementary production. G4SHI is very calculated with his releases, letting the anticipation build to a fever pitch before giving his fans a taste, not unlike actual girl scout cookies.

Listen to G4SHI’s Stairs EP in full on Spotify or download on iTunes

It’s hard to pin down G4SHI’s style, as he switches effortlessly between harmonious singing and a flow that changes gears on a dime. The Stairs EP showcases the Albanian singer’s wide-ranging skills by creating a cohesive blend of street heaters (“Switch Up”) and squad anthems (“Day Ones”).

As you make your way through Stairs and your sack of PGSC, you’ll notice just how well they go together. As the EP makes its way to the tail end, with wavy cuts like “Soho House” and “Personal,” your body will feel like it’s floating as the PGSC takes hold and sways you with the music. You’ll be immersed in nostalgia when G4SHI channels Nirvana on the impressive “Jean-Claude Van Damme.”

While you’re taking a trip down memory lane, remember to grab your card from the bar (classic move) and grab a few blunts on the way home. We need to finish this Platinum Girl Scout Cookies before we can move onto the next batch of treats. Have a great rest of your night, get home safe, and we’ll reconvene tomorrow for a recovery session.

After Friday night’s festivities, you may be feeling like you can’t make it through the rest of the weekend. Don’t give up; there’s a way to turn this ship around and point it back towards Turn-Up Town, we just need a little pick-me-up. Look no further than our Sativa pairing, as this superb wake-and-bake strain will reinvigorate you completely. We’ll be mixing the energetic high of Super Silver Haze with the equally spirited Blink-182, more specifically their triumphant new comeback album California.

While Poway, CA natives Blink-182 were busy burning up the charts in the late-90’s, Super Silver Haze was blazing its trail of success after taking home Cannabis Cup gold medals in 1997, ‘98, and ‘99. The pure liveliness of the Super Silver Haze will exhilarate you while Blink’s California reminds you what summertime euphoria feels like. The band, who replaced longtime singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba before recording California, sounds very much like they did in their heyday. The nostalgia alone would’ve been enough to give you chills, but standout tracks like “Bored to Death” and “She’s Out Of Her Mind” manage to do it on their own accord.

Listen to Blink-182’s California in full on Spotify or download on iTunes

Add in the effects of our electric Super Silver Haze, and you’ll forget about that pesky couch-lock you were experiencing and immediately want to crowd surf and dye your mohawk green (yes, you have a mohawk now).

Most Sativas will primarily work their magic cerebrally, but Super Silver Haze does carry some elements of a body high. Because the strain carries some extra punch, you’ll feel a more balanced high than your traditional Sativa. If you happened to sip a little booze while out on Friday and caught a hangover, the SSH also cures nausea.

Much like our Super Silver Haze, the new Blink album also feels a tad bit different than normal. Alkaline Trio frontman Skiba brings a slightly heavier vibe to the songs where he contributes vocals (see: “Los Angeles”) and it works really well. Normally, messing with a band’s lineup this late in the game alienates the core fans, but Blink did a great job weathering the storm on California. By allowing Skiba to influence and add his signature style to the music, they created something totally unique that fans old and new will be able to enjoy — just like the classic Super Silver Haze.


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Now that the Super Silver Haze and Blink-182 have you feeling rejuvenated, it’s time to head back out for the night. Here’s a bonus ProDANKazine-inspired playlist to set your Saturday night off.

In hindsight, we went a little overboard with the ProDANKazine last night, you should’ve stopped yerboi before that last double cup. Now it’s Sunday and we can’t lift one part of our existence off the couch.

Luckily, the only objectives on Sunday’s to-do list are rest and recover, so let’s use a blend that will help us do just that.

Listen to Roy Woods’ Waking At Dawn in full on Spotify or download on iTunes

This pairing will work like a reset button, allowing you to sleep off the weekend while the Indica high and heavy bass keep you in a medicated horizontal trance that’s called #SundayTingz. We’ll be listening to OVO singer Roy Woods’ brand new album Waking At Dawn while puffing on some Mega Wellness OG from Nameless Genetics, as both come from prestigious families.

Waking At Dawn opens with “Sonic Boom,” an infectious highlight on the project, and leads into the smooth “You Love It,” which will remind Roy Woods fans of his breakout Drake-assisted single “Drama.”

Nameless’ Mega Wellness strain has received worldwide acclaim for its incredible strength, which will come in handy. While it carries many Indica traits, this supercut of Nameless’ original Wellness OG strain will also do a number on stress and any anxiety that should creep up on you as Monday approaches.

As the Mega Wellness kicks into high gear, the island vibes of “Gwan Big Up Yourself” and the MJ-esque “How I Feel” will have you bopping your head to the best of your abilities. Don’t worry, by the time “Got Me” comes around on the tracklisting, you should have reached the cerebral portion of your Mega Wellness ride, allowing you to shake free the cobwebs and start setting your sights on the coming week — and your next weed-and-music-fueled adventure.

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