How A Dollar Bill Will Help You Roll A Better Joint


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There are different skill levels in the herb-smoking world, especially when it comes to rolling joints or blunts. Everyone has been with a group where they pass all the weed to that one person who can roll a great joint without tearing the paper. This person immediately takes on a form of tribal elder status. This one basic skill separates entry-level smokers from experienced ones. Check out the video by below!

A Lost Art To Many

Perhaps this skill is rarer than it once was, as fewer people have rolled their own smokes with tobacco in the modern age. My great-grandfather could roll a cigarette with one hand and his teeth while riding a horse, tobacco pouch and all, in about 30 seconds. That skill was not inherited. I grew up using a simple trick to give me perfect joints of any thickness, and I want to share it with you today.

James from has made a video that shows you exactly how to get it done, even if you tear more paper than a puppy in a pile of Christmas presents….

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