How Can You Not Vote For The Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll Party?


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Two great things that are even better together is the idea behind a political party merger in Australia that might have you shaking your head. What two powers have combined to win more seats in the federal election this summer? Weed and Sex, of course.

Sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll

The Hemp Party, established in 1993, works to make cannabis legal and as socially accepted as alcohol, if not more so. Party spokesman Andrew Kavilas told The Guardian:

If marijuana were to replace alcohol as the major social tonic in society, there would be less aggression on the streets, lower road tolls, less domestic violence, better sleeping patterns, more creative work output and less vomit on the streets.

The Sex Party is a political group, not a swinger’s function, just to clarify. It was established in 2009 to advocate on behalf of the sex industry and fight against censorship. They have also expanded to pine for support of marriage equality and prison reform.

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