How Legalizing Cannabis In Europe Could Help Stamp Out Terrorism


The Italian mafia has been collaborating with ISIS to smuggle cannabis into Europe from North Africa, according to the Italian government’s head of counterterrorism. Franco Roberti, who also serves as Italy’s chief anti-mafia prosecutor, said last week that evidence obtained by Italian police found linkages between “suspected terrorists” and Italian mafia members in the smuggling of illicit hashish.

The Hash trade


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Roberti, 68, cited the main route for smuggling hashish in North Africa as cutting through the coastal Libyan city of Sirte, a city currently controlled by ISIS. According to recent comments  by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the Libyan branch of ISIS represents the most dangerous “metastasis” of the militant group outside of Iraq and Syria.

“Certainly IS controls the Libya route; it controls the coast along the Gulf of Sirte.” – Roberti

Cannabis use is forbidden under Sharia Law. However, a new report by IHS Inc. found that ISIS’ trafficking in drugs accounts for…

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