How Macedonia Defyied Europe’s Prohibitionist Policies


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Another country is defying the prohibitionist policies of the United Nations, and giving its people access to medical marijuana. Macedonia, once one of the strongest empires in the world, now holds a population of only about 2 million people, nestled in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. After decades of cracking down on its citizens for cannabis, the politicians have listened and are changing their tune.

A change in perspective


Being tucked away from most of the world can be a benefit to some, but not for a country with a struggling economy. Much of the world’s changes with regards to medical advances and acceptance of cannabis have only recently filtered their way into the isolated nation.

A few years ago, most Macedonians didn’t know anything about medical uses of cannabis. But the word started to spread quickly after we had organized a couple of seminars about the healing properties of cannabis extracts according to Rick Simpson’s method and experiences. -Filip…

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