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“How Many Grams are in an Eighth?” and Other Cannabis Conversions


Why do math when you don’t have to?

Why wonder if your bag looks short?

Why keep asking yourself ‘What the hell is a zip?”

We, at Marijuana.com, have done all the math and conversions for you here, so now you can be sure! From eighths to pounds, dime bags to zips, you’ll never need to whip out a calculator again.

Today I’m going to walk you through each weight increment, its average price, , a visual representation of each weight and other names you may hear it called. Remember that weights vary per strain, so a dense product will look like less and vice versa. These are accurate portrayals of each increment, so you can feel comfortable buying your first bag. You’ll also be more aware if you’re getting ripped off or have a gracious connect!

We’ll start with 1 Gram, which typically costs around $10. You’ll hear it commonly referred to as a dime bag or a 10 sac. This is a great option if you are tight on cash, want to try out a new strain or live somewhere where you can’t have that loud stankin’ up the building!



The next step up is most commonly referred to as a dub sac. It is 2 grams and goes for $20. You may also hear it called a twin or a double.




3.5 grams is probably the most commonly purchased bag and is the perfect amount to roll up into a couple of joints (or one fat one to pass around). It’s an eighth of an ounce, so you’ll almost always hear it called an eighth. Eighths typically go for $30 and are also known as a a slice, a track, or a half-quarter.



A quarter of an ounce is up next weighing in at 7 grams. You can pick up a quarter for around $60. You’ll notice that the price per gram goes down as you buy higher quantities. If you have a strain you really love, it’s definitely more economical to buy in bulk.



14 grams is a half-ounce. You’ll most likely hear it called a half or half o and it goes for about $125. If you’re a daily smoker, a half-ounce can last you up to a week, and if you toke less frequently, this amount could last you a couple weeks!



Finally, we’re at an ounce, or more specifically, 28 grams. An ounce is also four quarters or eight eighths. The average price for a full ounce is about $250. An ounce is usually referred to as a zip, an O, or an onion.



Getting into the big leagues, a Quarter-Pound (112 g) goes for around $800. You’ll also hear it called a QP and Quarter Pounder.



A Half-Pound (224 g) is equivalent to 8 ounces which bring you up to a price tag of $1,500. But if you think about it by the price per gram, buying a half-pound at that price makes each gram$6.50 instead of $10. So if you have found your all-time favorite strain and have proper storage for your stash, it does save you some money to purchase at this quantity. It is always important to keep state possession laws in mind, however, because many medical states limit patients to carrying only an ounce at a time. A half-pound is also known as a half-pack, heezy and half-pounder. 



We’re now all the way up to a POUND (448 g*), the stuff of some people’s dreams. However, if you’d like to make those dreams a reality, the price tag is about $2,800 cash. You’ll hear a pound referred to as a pack, an elbow, a pillow sack, or a big zip.



*While 112g x 4 = 448g, making the cannabis industry standard 1 LB = 448g…the technical amount of grams in a pound is 453.6g. So it is expected that one weighs their pound significantly over 448g.


I hope this guide brings you one step closer to becoming an educated cannabis consumer! Feel free to ask any questions or add anything we might have skimmed over in the comment section below.

Smoke on, my friends!

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