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How Much Marijuana Is Really OK While Driving?


Hawaii demands answers…kind of


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In Hawaii, where they are prepping for the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries, the discussion about legal limits for driving is hot on lawmakers minds. Representative Cindy Evans and 15 other lawmakers assembled a resolution that asked the state Department of Health to study the affects of marijuana on a driver.

The state Department of Health came back to Evans and said they didn’t have the capacity to study the question at-hand, nor did they have the funding. Better yet, the department’s director, Virginia Pressler said, “that The National Institute on Drug Abuse has been studying this issue for many years and hasn’t been able to establish a recommended level for driving.”

Basically, Evans is trying to prove that driving under the influence of cannabis causes accidents. The bummer for her is that the research that does exist proves that marijuana does have a measurable, yet mild effect of psychomotor skills, but doesn’t appear to play a prominent role…

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