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How Much THC is in Your Cannabutter (or Cannaoil)?


In the beginning of Wake & Bake, a lot of the questions I in my inbox sounded like this:

I’ve got 10 grams of trim, an eighth of fire and some stems and leaves from my friend’s indoor grow, if I make a cup of cannabis coconut oil, what would be the right dosage for me to take?

I kid you not.

I used to write these questions off. I’d tell them to try it themselves; to “start low and go slow.” On crankier days, my response emails had somewhat of a “how the fuck should I know” vibe.

I’m sorry to share this sad sad news, but… there’s just no way for me to know what the potency of your cannabis is, what your tolerance is, what you’re taking it for, how medicated you want to be, etc… I just don’t have a superpower that allows me to gauge the THC level of your cannabis coconut oil is and see how the cannabinoid profile is going to personally affect you. 

Becoming a THC Detective

But this dismissive attitude wasn’t helping anyone. I started thinking that if folks wanted to get a better idea of how much THC was in a teaspoon of their oil, I could start there.

I started thinking about it, and I believe I’ve figured out a relatively simple way for folks to ballpark their homemade cannabis oil dosage. I shared it in the second edition of Wake & Bake: a cookbook, and I really wanted to get it out into the world because it’s fun for your brain.

This method will help you get a better idea of how much THC is in your cannabis infused coconut oil, but it doesn’t scratch the surface of telling you what the overall cannabinoid profile looks like or how the oil will effect you. We tend to focus on THC, but other cannabinoids definitely contribute to how effective/potent your oil is and how it affects you. There are other factors that contribute to how potent your oil is (to you), but we’ll have to talk about all of that in another post. This one is already going to be a doozy. 

I’d just like to issue a quick disclaimer before we begin:

This post is  a rabbit hole. There’s a lot of guesstimating and conjecture involved. I’m not a medical professional and am not sharing this information as medical advice. I am not a marijuanamathmatician. Please consult your doctor for more information and to talk about the dosage and strains that would help treat your medical condition(s) if it is legal in your state. This post is for entertainment and information sharing purposes only. Cannabis oil can be much more potent than your calculations lead you to believe depending on your tolerance, body composition and even what you ate that day. Start low and go slow whenever consuming edibles. Never operate heavy machinery or make important life-altering decisions under the influence of cannabis. Keep out of reach of children, pets, and unstable adults. 


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