How These 7 Women Became Power Players In The Cannabis Game


The cannabis industry is taking off, especially now that the plant is legal in 24 states and the District of Columbia. Women are among the top competitors in this ever-flourishing business. Now that folks are starting to loosen up on the regulations, sales are steadily increasing. It’s no surprise that female entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to join the industry and are representing cannabis in a positive manner. Here are 7 female power players that are currently in the marijuana game.

1. Jane west

Jane West is Co Founder of Women Grow, a networking group for professional female entrepreneurs in the cannabis business. At the very first gathering, only 70 people attended. Women Grow has come a long way since then and has chapters in 44 cities. It also has 21,000 newsletter subscribers and 30,000 followers on Instagram. Way to go, Jane!

2. Amy Poinsett & Jessica Billingsley

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This female duo launched MJ Freeway in 2010. MJ Freeway is a firm that provides software…

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