How This Guy Convinced His Insurance To Cover His Medical Marijuana Bill


Persistence pays off

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Instead of giving in, Jonathan turned to the student union who administers the student health plan he is on. It took 8 months of back and forth discussion, but, finally, he had success.

“They came to the conclusion that they should cover it because it supports my academics and should be treated like a medication.”

The entire case revolves around technicalities. Health Canada doesn’t endorse medical marijuana , and the Canadian Medical Association says there isn’t evidence to support its use. Why then should it be covered by insurance? Jonathan boiled it down to the fact that physicians can prescribe it. If the doctor weighs the factors the risks versus the benefits and prescribes it for the patient, then it should be allowed.

No backing down


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Jonathan Zaid hasn’t stopped with fixing his own problems. Now he is the executive director of the group Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, which is “dedicated to protecting and improving the rights of…

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