How To Have The Ultimate Colorado 420 Experience


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2016 is a great year to be a cannabis user! With the new law allowing tourists to purchase as much as locals, there has never ben a better time to visit The Mile High State! Colorado has a lot to offer tourists of every sort, from scenic landscapes and outdoor activities to fine dining and historic sites. But if you want to experience the wonderful world of legal cannabis, how do you fit it all in, without missing out? Colorado Cannabis Tours.

Start with a good night’s rest

Since a cannabis vacation is no fun if you don’t have a place to sit back and partake, the first stop is a cannabis-friendly hotel. CCT can get you marijuana-friendly lodging in the Denver area starting at $89. They can even hook you up with a 420 friendly luxury hotel.

Get picked up right from the airport, and away you go. Hotels even include the option of a vaporizer or dab rig rentals, meaning you don’t have to waste money purchasing an expensive piece just to have to throw it away when you leave.

The ultimate cannabis…

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