How To Hide Weed In Your Car


Whether it be the police, your mom, or even your boss, most of us have, at some point, hidden our stash in our cars. Here are some great ideas for keeping the smell unnoticeable, and the goods out of sight!

Step 1. Smell-proof containers

Local dispensaries will often sell special plastic zip locks that were specifically made for covering the smell of their products, be it wax or flower. These are great because they are only as bulky as the products they are protecting, meaning the hiding process is much easier.

Another long time favorite is the humble mason jar. These bad boys can hold more cannabis than you need, all while offering smell protection at the highest level. Not only do they get the job done, but they also act as a nice showcase of your flower, often highlighting the characteristics of your strain for all to see.

If you find yourself without any of the previously mentioned options for smell proofing, many household items can be turned into stash holder without breaking the bank….

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