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How To Quickly Relieve Cannabis-Induced Anxiety


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Let’s be honest, the cannabis of today is no longer the cannabis of yesterday. Users can be unaware that THC concentrates have reached unprecedented levels and that over intoxication can easily happen with even just one extra puff or bite of the wrong strain or edible. Almost every one of us who has taken cannabis for medicinal purposes can relate to a time when anxiety and paranoia have come seemingly out of nowhere.

Cannabis–induced anxiety is really scary, perhaps your heart raced, your thoughts went wild, or irrational paranoia kicked in, and try as you might you simply couldn’t push it out of your mind. Now, you might hesitate to even take cannabis because you’re worried this might happen again.

Well, now there’s an all-natural solution for you. It’s called 1Hour Break®, and it can quickly relieve and even prevent cannabis-induced anxiety. It will change how the world handles anxiety.

Kava Kava Spray, Saves The Day


1Hour Break® is a California-based company…

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