How To Roll The World’s Best Honey Blunts


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Written by Christopher Teague
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Rolling a blunt is basic. Rolling a honey blunt is advanced. But if you want to join the ranks of elite cannabis connoisseurs, you need to learn the legendary secret of the World’s Best Honey Blunt. Now, possessing the ancient scrolls of knowledge, I will attempt to unlock the code and reveal the mysteries to you.

Start off with the basics

Before you learn how to make the best, you need to know how to make the rest. Here are my directions on how to roll your basic honey blunt. It’s sure to get you buzzing, but wait until we step it up a notch.

The simplest way to enhance the blunt starts off by going for a honey blunt wrapper instead of any old cigar skin. Bring out that flavor every way you can, right?

Making life even sweeter

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Once you have the basic idea down, you must push the boundaries and become Master of Honey Blunts. To do this, the scroll says you must start with the finest herbs.

For a honey blunt that will have Winnie the Pooh beating down your door, start with some signature strains that taste even sweeter than they sound. Choose from any of the following, or mix for an even tastier treat.

  • Honey Kush
  • Black Honey Haze
  • Honey B
  • Honey Cocaine
  • Honey Badger Haze

Legendary status

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Now the part that makes a honey blunt really shine is the drizzling of sweet honey. Once your blunt is rolled with those scrumptious strains inside, spread a thin layer of honey on top.

But wait! Why settle for regular honey, when you can use Cannabis Honey? The THC infusion will knock your socks off! Click here to learn How to Make Cannabis Honey.

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