How To Smoke Out Of A Banana Pipe

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Smoking out of an apple is something quite a few of us have tried. However, apples aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so why not try lighting up that herb in a banana. All you need is a straw, a banana, and of course some dank weed. It’s easy and it’s tasty, so be sure to check out the banana pipe how-to video by zachshighshow.

Step 1: Align the straw with the banana

Make sure the straw is straight with the banana, not at an angle. It needs to maintain the basic shape of the banana in order to work properly. If your straw is up in the air, you’re doing it wrong.

Step 2: Poke a hole

It’s time to poke the first hole. You’re going to want to poke the hole where you just had your straw. Specifically, at the beginning of the banana, right underneath the part that you rip off to peel. Be sure not to poke the straw all the way through.

Step 3: Work the straw through the banana

First, place your finger on the end of the banana where you think the straw is supposed to be. This way, you can stop the straw from…

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