How Whoopi Inspired This State To Ease Up On Their Medical Marijuana Policy


When it comes to marijuana laws, the state of New Jersey is kind of a stickler about it. Governor Chris Christie has been known to avoid the subject of medical and/or recreational marijuana when asked about the matter. But thanks to our hero, Whoopi Goldberg, and her new line of medical cannabis products, New Jersey has decided to ease up a bit on its medical marijuana program.

Marijuana is used for so many ailments, from headaches to backaches, muscle spasms to inflammation, and even menstrual cramps. While medical marijuana is used primarily for general pain, it can work wonders for women going through painful periods. Naturally, Goldberg decided to take the treatment of menstrual cramps into her own hands.

Whoopi & Maya

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Whoopi Goldberg has taken pain relief to a whole new level. She recently partnered up with Maya Elisabeth, the owner of a medical marijuana company, Om Edibles, run by women. The line, Whoopi & Maya, which is said to be available in dispensaries soon, includes…

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