If You Love Concentrates You Need To Know Dabstars


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If you love cannabis, from the culture to the concentrates, then you’ll know the name Dabstars. 


The Dabstars crew are the brand name in cannabis culture. The crew travels the world, putting together events, covering cannabis news at the source, and bringing much-deserved attention to the men and women in the industry doing things right.

Dabstars has earned some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including:

“Most Influential Media Source” Cannabis Business Awards 2015 – Denver, Colorado

“Top Ten Most Valuable Brands” Cannabis Business Awards 2015 – Denver, Colorado

“Best Exhibitor” Northwest Cannabis Classic – Seattle, Washington 2015

“Best Exhibitor” Northwest Cannabis Classic – Portland, Oregon 2015

“Best Booth” High Times Cannabis Cup – Detroit, Michigan 2015

“Nominated Best Cannabis Brand” Dope Industry Awards – Seattle, Washington 2014

A mission of passion

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If there is a brand that has helped cannabis go viral across the…

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