If You Love Weed, Chances Are You’re Great In Bed


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Searching for that special someone can be an arduous task. There are certain traits we all seek in someone we want to be intimate with. Caring, compassion, selflessness… and cannabis use? While some people might put that in the automatic disqualification category, you might want to consider it a plus.

Marijuana and morality

My420Mate.com performed a survey of 25% of their entire site’s registered users, across all age ranges. The aim was to gauge the moral relationship meter of its users in the field of relationships. Miguel A. Lozano, co-founder of the site, said the survey:

…Sheds some new light on the attitudes of weed smokers.


…Counters stereotypes that define cannabis smokers as ‘lazy misfits’.

Society has placed some far from accurate images out there. Getting a measure of what we are really like is a great step.

Survey says…

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The survey consisted of only 4 yes or no questions. The sheer numbers are interesting.

98% of the 1,245 members said they were against…

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