In A Shocking ‘D*ck Move’, Congress Denies Medical Cannabis To Vets


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Remember last month, when everyone started jumping for joy about Congress actually helping vets? Well, the celebration was premature. Thanks to a select committee of #&$@#$^’s, the bills have been gutted, leaving no trace of the landmark legislation behind.

Why everyone got so excited

Just last month, the US House of Representatives passed an amendment that would have allowed VA doctors to recommend cannabis. Simultaneously, the Senate passed a funding bill for the VA with an attached provision for medical marijuana.

With both the House and Senate in approval, all that remained was to reconcile the differences in the two bills and send it to Obama to sign. It would have marked a major milestone in the battle to give equal access to veterans living in legal states.

Sleight of hand


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But the conference committee that put together the final package left out the veteran access portions of the budget altogether. This forces veterans to go outside the VA and out of pocket, to get a…

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