Inside Malibu’s Marijuana Mansion

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MERRY JANE meets up with the infamous “Marijuana Don”.

Known for making mega-millions in the legal cannabis space, and having the models and massive amounts of extravagance that go along with it, one might think they know what to expect when first encountering Michael Straumietis, CEO of Advanced Nutrients, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Big Mike as he’s called due to his height, a towering 6’7,  is like the Great Gatsby of the California weed scene. His famous fetes with endless amounts of food, booze, women and weed proceed their reputation.

It’s all chronicled on social media of course with “Marijuana Don” doubling as the title of his forthcoming book and his online alias with more than 500,000 following his 420-friendly adventures on Instagram alone.

MERRY JANE slid by Big Mike’s 4th of July BBQ just in time for fireworks!

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