Is Barbados Going To Decriminalize Weed?


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The Carribean looks greener than ever. Barbados, the tropical paradise just off the southernmost tip of the island chain stands as a small sovereign nation, similar to Jamaica. This month, political leaders came out in support of decriminalizing cannabis.

Taking a stand

Key members of the government have come out and expressed their belief that cannabis should not equal jail time. Minister of Education Ronald Jones planted his flag on the issue in the opening remarks of a speech to the Teachers’ Introductory Programme at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.

I agree with decriminalizing [the use of small amounts] of ganja. I don’t think that we should flood our prisons, really, for someone who is not selling and all of that, but has a small spliff.

Though he doesn’t consider personal use prison worthy, that is not to say he supports the use of cannabis.

I want to make that point absolutely clear. I don’t believe we should alter ourselves through the ingestion of external substances. We are…

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