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Is Cannabis The Secret To Better HIV Drugs?


In a press release announcing the partnership, Raymond C Dabney, President and CEO if Cannabis Science, explains:

The collaboration between IGX Bio and CBIS is intended to help provide new insights into the role of inflammation and therapeutic vaccination of HIV as a critical step for optimizing effective treatments for AIDS patients in various resource settings. These studies will provide a scientific evaluation of GenePro® and CS-TATI-1 [Cannabis Sciences’s cannabinoid drug] to demonstrate the enhanced potential of therapeutic vaccination and the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids to deter disease progression in AIDS patients unable to achieve control HIV replication.

Marijuana has been prescribed as an alternative approach to managing some of the harsh symptoms of HIV/AIDS for over a decade in some states. The plant’s strong anti-nausea and pain-fighting properties have made it a go-to choice to improve the quality of life in those who suffer from this deadly virus.


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