Is Iowa Bandaging Their Broken System Instead Of Fixing It?


After finally passing legislation in 2014 to legalize medical marijuana, Iowa is now struggling to provide patients with the cannabis products they’ve been promised. While it has never been done before, some members of Iowa’s House of Representatives have suggested partnering with their neighbors to the north, hoping this will be the answer they’ve been looking for.

Game plan

Minnesota lawmakers are considering a plan that would allow Iowa residents to purchase CBD oils from Minnesota’s dispensaries. While Iowa has legalized concentrates, their current laws make it illegal to manufacture and distribute oils and concentrates, leaving those suffering from debilitating seizures with no place to purchase their medicine.

By exploring a new, inter-state system of obtaining CBD oils, Iowa hopes they will not only be able to provide the medicine their residents desperately need, but also help Minnesota with their struggling marijuana market. Since beginning last summer, Minnesota has seen a very…

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