Is Medical Marijuana The Hope For Viral Hepatitis?


How is hepatitis treated?

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Some hepatitis infections, like Hep A, are not usually treated. However, chronic forms of the virus, like hepatitis C are typically treated with a series of antivirals and Interferon. Interferon is a synthetic version of an immune protein that our bodies create naturally. It’s usually the first line of defense  and is often combined with powerful antivirals like Epivir, Hepsera, or one of several other medications.

The course of antiviral treatment for types B and C often require 12 weeks to a year of compliance. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix for this disease. If it progresses to the point where you experience liver scarring, also known as cirrhosis, you may require a liver transplant.

Marijuana and viral hepatitis treatment

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Antiviral therapy is no easy task. The months of medication compliance needed to head-off a severe infection cause a lot of patients to be inconsistent with their treatment. Obviously, this is bad news for the patient, and only…

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