Is Smoking From Aluminium Really Bad For You?


There is a popular belief among cannabis users that smoking out of tin foil or aluminium foil is dangerous to your health. Where did this belief come from? Is it true? In this article, we delve into the origins and validity of this disconcerting myth.

Origins and explanation

In the study of the Alzheimer’s patients brains, it was noted that the deposits of plaque had a high content of aluminium. This fact is what led to the origin of the myth. Consequently, the practice of using aluminium foil to make quick and easy pipes or bowl, or the go-to trick of turning a soda can into a homemade steamroller quickly became the subject of stoner debate.

Debunking the dangers

The process by which Alzheimer’s affects the brain is due to plaques, which are caused by excessive concentrations of the Amyloid Beta protein in the brain. These proteins are sticky, and clump together. As they build up, they disrupt cellular communication, eventually causing neural pathways to breakdown. This results in…

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