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Is This State Set To Be Medical Marijuana Legal This Year?


The first hurdle has been cleared

The first hurdle, and a very important one, was having the ballot summary cleared so that voters would have an opportunity to have their say. Even though this has now been done, there is still much more work to do. In the next 10 days, the Ohio Ballot Board should give an answer as to whether or not this summary is going to be approved. If it is approved, the Marijuana Policy Project will get permission to begin collecting signatures.

They will need 306,000 signatures by July in order for this proposal to become a real possibility in the November ballot. Then it will be left up to the voters. However, according to polling from previous years, it seems that the voters of Ohio are extremely supportive of a constitutional medical marijuana policy. The Marijuana Policy Project together with Public Polling collected information earlier this year from over 600 voters in Ohio. Their results showed that up to 7/10 Ohioans were supportive of the change to medical marijuana.

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