It’s Not Just You, Cops Want Weed Legalized Too


The image that most people have of cannabis supporters is one of cannabis users alone. The truth is that there are many people who support our rights of consumption that don’t choose to do so themselves. Constitutionalists, civil liberties organizations, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and yes, even cops support legalizing cannabis! Why would a group of people who earn their living by locking away offenders want to support legalization? Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, or LEAP, consists of active and retired police. They say the War on Drugs is a failure, and they have the field experience to know first hand.

Public safety

The biggest danger cannabis users face comes not from the plant itself. It comes instead from the illegal market that it is forced into by current law. Instead of being regulated by quality control and laws, it is a market ruled by violence. Cartels, gangs, and dealers only have one option to settle disputes.

Taking it out of that realm would save lives, says former Los…

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