It’s Official, Democrats Are Tackling Cannabis Reform


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While Hillary Clinton has all but officially clinched the Democratic ticket, Sanders has left his mark. Until now, the Democrats have kept clear, officially at least, of endorsing marijuana law reform. But this weekend the Democratic National Committee officially included reform on their 2016 platform.

Finally on the right side

To put this small victory in perspective, Debbie Wasserman Schultz chairs the DNC. Anti-pot crusader Shultz once told The New York Times that the US shouldn’t legalize what she called a gateway drug. Her candid opinion took a lot of heat, as significant alcohol industry dollars fuel her campaign.

Now, the party’s platform includes:

  • eliminating criminal penalties for possession,
  • opening up the gates of scientific study,
  • and endorsing states rights to legalize without Federal interference.

The statement

We believe that the states should be laboratories of democracy on the issue of marijuana, and those states that want to decriminalize marijuana should be…

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