J1: The High-End Strain That Is Worth The Higher Price


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J1 is a lovely hybrid that is quickly gaining in popularity. For good reason, too. This strain provides a lighthearted sativa high with gentle, physically relaxing effects. J1 is typically a high-end strain, so it can be a bit on the pricey side. Regardless, it’s worth a try at least once.

Strain details

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J1 (Jack One) is a lovely cross between Jack Herer crossed with Skunk #1. Known for being a top-shelf strain, expect to cough up a little extra for this winning hybrid.

Most find that J1 is worth the steeper price. This strain has truly inherited all of the best qualities of speedy Jack and mellow Skunk.

This strain is recommended for those with a little experience. The THC content of this hybrid ranges from 19% to 24%, meaning that this is one potent bud.

Novice consumers might find this strain a little too energizing. Though, you’re not as likely to get that classic sativa raciness from this J1.

Cannabis connoisseurs may find that J1’s aroma is exactly what you might expect. It has received some crisp, pine notes from the Jack Herer side and plenty of that pungent, spicy skunk smell.

There also tends to be some sweet and fruity undertones to this strain, which can make the skunk scent milder.

The J1 experience

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J1 is a spirited sativa-dominant hybrid with a mellow vibe. It’s not uncommon to hear people call J1 inspirational and filled with creativity.

At the same time, however, the herb has taken on more than a few calming characteristics from relaxing Skunk #1.

The result is a wonderfully uplifting daytime strain with a light dusting of energizing sativa effects. Shortly after trying J1, it’s not uncommon for it to become one of your new favorite strains. It’s got all the benefits of a stimulating sativa with some of the edge taken off.

If you’re a wake and bake fan, this is a great strain to add to a morning routine. While some sativas can create some strong psychedelic and cerebral effects, J1 promotes focus and alertness without being over the top.

Thanks to its Skunk heritage, J1 also has some slight physical effects. This creates a light and relaxed vibe that improves mobility and cultivates a general sense of ease.

Why do people use J1?

J1 3 J1: The High End Strain That Is Worth The Higher Price
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Anyone who plays intramural sports, who likes to get out there and be active, or who has a busy day ahead of them will probably like J1. This is a great strain for physical activity. The energy boost coupled with the mellow physical effects make you feel like you want to move.

This is a great strain for physical activity. The energy boost coupled with the mellow physical effects make you feel like you want to move.

Medically, J1 is loved by those with mental health conditions. This strain is especially popular among patients with ADD/ADHD, thanks to its ability to improve concentration. Those with

Those with depression and chronic fatigue also tend to appreciate this strain. It’s upbeat and go-get-em attitude can be very beneficial in both cases.

J1 tends to increase appetite, so folks hoping to avoid the munchies may be better off choosing a strain like XJ-13. Though, if you need help calming your stomach and keeping food down during the day, J1 is a fantastic choice.

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