Jane West: One Of The Most Influential People In Cannabis


The unstoppable entrepreneur Jane West is committed to change the face of women in the cannabis industry. From leaders to users, West is a woman who can inspire anyone to enter the industry, especially women. It’s clear that this lady is dedicated and passionate about her profession. She is the most known face in her line of work, for reasons other than her being seen partying with Snoop.

Started from the bottom, now she’s here


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Just three short years ago, Jane West worked as a mid-level corporate manager, a mother to two children as well as a housewife. Today, however, she is busy building a successful empire in the cannabis industry. On top of that, she’s giving women the confidence to use and enjoy cannabis.

Her success has led her to be named “Most Influential People in Cannabis” by the International Business Times. She’s  also been seen in Fortune Magazine, Newsweek and Fast Company. Jane West means business, her prosperity proves it.

When it comes to cannabis, Jane West is a…

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