Jazzy Marijuana: Berkeley Music Store Swaps Genre for Ganja


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In hopes of generating a little extra cash as brick and mortar music sales continue to wilt, Berkeley’s Amoeba Music announced this week that they’ve received the city council’s blessing to convert their jazz section into Berkeley’s loudest medical marijuana dispensary.

Amoeba music replaces jazz section with medical marijuana dispensaryPot Supplants Jazz

In a move Louis “Stachmo” Armstrong would no doubt feel conflicted over, the self-described “world’s largest independent record store” has received approval to sell medical marijuana where jazz aficionados once flipped through stacks of vinyl.

As David Downs of the East Bay Express explained it, “Everyone knows the music industry is in the dumps — shattered by the collapse of sales of physically recorded music. But what few people know is the surging weed industry is helping to prop things up.

Amoeba co-owner David Prinz was quick to agree.

“Weed can help save music — absolutely.”

Given their proverbial Green Light mid-July by Berkeley’s City Council, Amoeba Music plans on opening The Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective (BC3) by the end of 2016, according to factmag.com

Berkeley compassionate care collective at amoeba music

As most will attest, relaxing with marijuana while listening to your favorite musician is an inspirational experience. When “high,” individuals embrace creative contemplations without fixating on life’s troubles and tribulations. Instead, the elevated mind is entirely focused; engrossed in the whirling sounds of inspirational music, the medicated mind processes individual notes and the nuanced spaces that separate them from the whole.

With their jazz section now MIA, Amoeba Music remains optimistic that Berkeley’s independent music fans will enjoy kicking back and relaxing in their soon-to-be-infamous hybrid music store/dispensary.

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