Laced Weed: Do You Know The Signs?


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Laced weed is of the reasons that a pure and legal market is best. It’s bad enough worrying about what chemicals were used to grow your weed, but some people are concerned about laced weed that has been contaminated with something more dangerous. It’s extremely rare, but dealers in rough environments have occasionally resorted to lacing the weed they sell with other ingredients. If you have to purchase from an underground source, it’s best to be wary.

Why mess with a good thing?

Weed could be laced for a variety of reasons. Beefing up the effects of a weak batch of weed with stronger drugs could help to hide the poor quality, or gradually addict customers to a harder, and more profitable substance. It could be a marketing ploy, for a combined high.

Most personal users who lace their own weed will add cocaine or LSD. A joint or bowl laced with cocaine is called “primo”, and a joint with LSD-laced paper is often called a “rainbow joint”. It is also not unheard of for users to add…

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