Las Vegas Casino Worker Fired For Using Medical Cannabis


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As the medical marijuana market continues to expand, employers are often put in an uncomfortable position when it comes to adherence to company drug and alcohol policies. Business are increasingly realizing the commonality of cannabis use. This is why, for companies who intend to cannabis-free, the wording of a policy must be exact and clear. For one Las Vegas medical marijuana patient, it took a Supreme Court ruling to determine he was wrongly fired from his long-time casino job.

After being involved in an accident while working at the Las Vegas Club, medical marijuana patient Jeffrey Simmons was required to undergo a routine drug screening. When the results came back positive for cannabis, the loyal employee of ten years was fired for violating the company’s drug and alcohol policy and denied unemployment. Luckily, the Nevada Supreme Court just made a groundbreaking decision in his favor.

The power of words

Jeffrey Simmons worked as a casino surveillance technician for Las Vegas Club for over…

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