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Lawyer Gets Paid In Weed, Keeps His Law License


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Getting involved in an illegal drug trade is usually not within the job description of a lawyer unless it’s defending an illegal drug trafficker. So how did Louisiana attorney, James Mecca find himself participating in an illegal drug trade? Well, sometimes lawyers have clients who can’t exactly afford to pay with cash, so Mecca was accepting payments from certain clients with weed.

Eventually Mecca was caught, but he didn’t end up losing his law license. At the end of the day, Mecca was doing a huge favor for his clients who needed help and who could help him in a really personal way. It’s a good thing he gets to keep practicing, although he will probably never accept weed as payment ever again

Mecca was involved in something like a trade with some clients who could not afford to pay for legal services with money. It seemed to be something that was benefiting both parties, but in 2013 Mecca’s last client reported him to the police. The St. Tammany…

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