Lawyers & Advocates Join Forces To Help Medical Marijuana Patients


It’s no secret that Americans are witnessing the growing acceptance of medical marijuana within the United States. As of today, 41 states, along with Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam have all implemented some sort of medical cannabis program, and the remaining states to carry out these laws are not too far behind. Since legalizing medical marijuana is left up to the decision of the state, things can get a bit tricky when the medical marijuana laws of each state, or territory, vary drastically.

Americans for Safe Access has recently partnered up with Orrick, a leading global law firm to provide pro bono support to medical marijuana patients and help them navigate the complexity of medical marijuana laws.

Who Are Americans for Safe Access?

Americans for Safe Access (ASA), is the nation’s largest medical cannabis patient advocacy organization, helping patients gain access to medical marijuana for over a decade. Since each state, or territory, has its own…

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