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Legal Canna-Coffee Gives Energy To Waking And Baking


Coffee and cannabis are two things that are going hand in hand today, and coffee makers are starting to infuse their coffee with Mary Jane. It makes for the perfect wake and bake when the blend is just right.

Adam Stites, founder of cannabis-infusion company Mirth Provisions, has come up with what he says is the perfect blend of coffee and cannabis together with a product name “Legal,” which he refers to as the ultimate wake and bake.  Although waking and baking is a no brainer, chemically combining weed with coffee can be a little difficult.  Cannabis molecules tend to separate because cannabis oil tends to not be water soluble. By utilizing a unique plant-based emulsifier, Adam has found a way to evenly distribute cannabis molecules throughout the cup of coffee.

The human body takes 45 to 90 minutes for the cannabis to work its way through, and it is being suggested that this helps to increase or carry on the caffeine high from your morning cup of java. And, coffee isn’t the only beverage looking to infuse cannabis with it. Fruit drinks, and wines are also taking to this trend.


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