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Legal Marijuana Proves To Be The Most Profitable Of Cash Crops


Image Credit: CNN

When it comes to farming, everybody knows that farmers work hard to put food on our tables across the country, but may not have a huge payday due to weather and crop issues. Many farmers buy expensive machines to help harvest, and, again, aren’t guaranteed a solid crop.  When it comes to farming, a farmer is lucky to find a crop that will pull in $20,000 to $50,000 per acre. Thanks to legal marijuana, though, farmers could be looking at one hell of a payday.

One acre of farmland has the potential of bringing in an estimated 19 million dollars over the course of one year. There’s no other crop that will produce this much profit in the United States. This opportunity could literally give way for farmers to make as much money as the founder of tech giants through growing marijuana for legal industries. It is estimated that one acre of corn will yield a profit of approximately $1,000. An acre of hay is estimated to provide a profit of only $210 per acre. As you can see this is a very large difference in comparison to the profit that legal marijuana farming could produce for the backbone of our country.


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