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Life Hack: 10 Stoner-Friendly Household Items


Originally written by Tyler Terps for High Times

Throughout history, cannabis users have been known to work with what’s available to them. Whether it’s finding a new way to smoke or a way to keep their hands clean, there are different household items that can be used as tools and shortcuts for certain cannabis-related situations and issues. Here are 10 household items that you should have and why!

1. Toilet Paper Roll

Smoking is not welcomed everywhere, and sometimes you’re forced to work with the hand that’s dealt to you. To combat tight situations, toilet paper rolls are perfect for helping mask the smell of vaporized or combusted cannabis. To make a “sploof,” pack and cover one end of the tube with dryer sheets and secure with a rubber band around it so that nothing comes out when air is pushed through. When you exhale, do so through one end of the roll and continue smoking. The smell is now a non-problem.

2. Paper Clip

If you’ve ever owned a bowl or pipe, chances are you’ve found yourself blowing as hard as you can through the mouthpiece in hopes of unclogging the hole. Black sticky resin begins to form on the internal walls and can render a piece unusable after extended use due to a lack of airflow. Paper clips are a great way to clear out everything inside of your glass because of their bendable and skinny shape, allowing it to fit in most hard to reach places.

3. Cotton Swab

When dabbing, using a quartz or ceramic nail is the ideal method for obtaining the taste of the terpenes that are being vaporized. The problem with continual use is that eventually the nail gets oxidized, and the flavor becomes overpowered by the crusted surface. One way to extend the life of your nail is to apply your concentrates to the nail at a low temperature and use a carb cap to get the most of the dab. Immediately following your exhale, take a cotton swab and wipe the entire surface to ensure it stays fresh. Once a nail gets buildup from oxidization, there’s very little hope for returning it back to looking new again. Therefore, it’s best to stay on top of brand new quartz and ceramic nails by maintaining them.

4. Funnel

The variety in water pipes can bring about a lot of problems, especially when it comes to dab rigs. Bongs tend to have wider mouthpieces, while glass for concentrates are usually smaller and therefore have tinier holes for being filled up. Plus, finding a space to fill up larger pieces can be a hassle and can even put your glass in harm’s way….

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