Louisiana: Gov. Edwards Signs Bill Protecting MMJ Patients from Prosecution


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Louisiana’s patients and caregivers finally have a true advocate in the Governor’s Office.

Providing critical cover for Louisiana’s medical marijuana patients, Gov. John Bell Edwards has just signed SB 180 – instituting a critical exemption from prosecution for Louisiana MMJ patients found in possession of their medicinal oil.

SB 180 will become effective August 1, 2016, and will provide immunity from prosecution for any state sanctioned patient participating in Louisiana’s medical marijuana program.

Also covered under this bill – kids and caregivers.

No longer facing possible prosecution for providing true healthcare for their loved ones, caregivers of patients with seizure disorders and other debilitating medical conditions now have a legal standing:

Initially passed last May, many remain hopeful SB 271 will open meaningful dialogue around the medical marijuana topic south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Interestingly, Louisiana first legalized the medicinal herb nearly 40 years ago. Unsupported, and ahead of its time, Louisiana’s power brokers neglected to establish the necessary rules and regulations allowing for home cultivation or providing any means of distribution.

Out with the old, in with the new.

After the last election cycle provided a resounding defeat for Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.), along with the well-timed election of Gov. Edwards (D), Louisiana’s patients and caregivers finally have a true advocate in the governor’s office.

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