Luxury Cannabis Gatherings Give an Upgrade to Pot Parties


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Written by Blake Taylor
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From weed-infused spa parties to the Marijuana Mansion, ultra lux pot parties are on the rise as the nation slowly shifts towards cannabis reform and acceptance.

On August 27, a select group of cannabis consumers bring a whole new meaning to the concept of the Farmer’s Market, with world-class artisanal and small batch marijuana sun-grown in Northern California on display at the Emerald Exchange at The Sanctuary in Malibu, CA.

The event kicks into “high” gear with a farmer’s “medicine market” featuring vendors from all over the sensimilla spectrum of sustainably grown ganja plants rarely featured in Southern California dispensaries.  Live music, a hydration station, and munchies will be readily available.

An extremely happy hour will be held from 4-5:30pm where guests can relax with a few drinks and appetizers while connecting with fellow connoisseurs and cannabis comrades.  Chill out while DJ Wyllys entertains your eardrums by the shoreline as you wind down before the sun’s down.

The night is just beginning at 6:00pm as attendees are invited to witness the supreme Southern California sunset while enjoying cannabis cocktails and pre-dinner munchies incorporating relevant and immaculate flavor profiles.

A pop up art installation by Israeli painter Ariel Shalit will dazzle your senses as your enjoy your libations mixed by the Emerald Exchanges very own Cocktail Goddess.

Fill your stomach before the finale of the festivities by treating your tastebuds to a unique 3-course organic feast only Jeff, the 420 chef, can procure involving seasonal harvests and cannabis-infused delights.  Be sure to pair your meal with a wide selection of wines and craft beers to wash it all down.  And yes, gluten free and vegetarian options will be available.

Finally, finish off the memorable day by dancing to the funky tunes of internationally renowned DJ Nancy Whang for a 90-minute set.

Organizers hope this event willl bear witness to why California’s cannabis is the best in the world.

Click here for tickets and more info.

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