Makeshift High: The Juice Box Bubbler


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What you’ll need:
1 juice box with straw
1 pair of scissors
1 down stem
1 bowl
1 lighter

Out of all the pieces we created, this one rips the hardest — fair warning. You can use pretty much any juice box, just make sure it’s sturdy. Pouch-style juices may not be able to hold up your down stem and bowl, and after hitting the bubbler, you won’t be able to either, so you want it to be a self-standing container.

  1. First, take the straw off the juice box, remove its plastic wrapper and poke it through the small foil hole on top. Drink the juice through the straw until there’s only about 25% of the contents left. DO NOT FINISH THE JUICE; this cannot be stressed enough. Leaving some juice behind will give your smoke a tasty little flavor boost.
  2. Next, cut your straw, so it doesn’t reach all the way down to the liquid. You want the smoke to come through the straw, not juice.
  3. You need to make a second hole in the top of the juice box for your down stem. Using the scissors, carefully poke a hole into the opposite corner of your small straw hole.
  4. After you’ve poked your second hole, use your finger to expand the hole by rotating as you push it further into the juice box.
  5. If you have a glass down stem from an old bong chilling around the house, use that. If you don’t have an actual down stem or bowl, you can substitute other household products like a hollowed out marker and socket. Place the down stem in the larger hole, making sure it reaches down into the liquid. Place your bowl in the down stem, pack her fat and spark up.

If you like to get high while also getting your hands dirty, show up for a class at Makeshift High. You could learn valuable life lessons, like how to take some farm fresh Johnny Apple Dabs.

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