Makeshift High: Wiffleball Bat Steamroller


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What you’ll need:
1 wiffleball bat (preferably fat at one end)
1 pair of scissors
1 joint
1 lighter

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Courtesy of Ryan Kyles

What this steamroller lacks in complexity, it makes up for in functionality. If you’re looking to get the most efficiency from your joint, this is the way to go.

  1. First, we’ll gently heat the butt end of the bat’s grip to soften the plastic.
  2. Next, poke your scissors through the softened plastic, rotating it around a few times to create a nice circle-shaped opening.
  3. We’re going to repeat that step about three-quarters of the way down the bat on the fatter end. This hole will be where our joint sticks out from, so make it a little bit wider than the previous hole so you can easily fit the filter of the joint in the opening.
  4. The last hole needed is the carb, and you can really put it anywhere you like. We chose behind the joint opening on the top of the fatter end of the bat. The only reason we chose that spot was comfortable hand placement when smoking.
  5. Finally, place your joint in the designated hole on your steamroller and spark her up! Hold the carb while you pull through the mouthpiece, opening the carb and inhaling when the bat fills with smoke. Repeat as necessary. Only the tip of the filter should be inside the bat, so don’t worry about melting the bat any further with the joint.

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