A small town on Italy’s north-west coast has started selling a marijuana-infused gelato that enthusiasts hope will change the country’s views on cannabis.

With a name you can trust

The newest flavour of Italian gelato has come from a small parlor in Alassio, called Perleco. They have launched a flavour named after the reggae legend, Bob Marley. This new flavour is derived from shelled hemp seeds and contains a legal and insignificant amount of THC.

The creators

The makers of the ice cream have insisted that the dessert will not get customers stoned and is purely a flavour experience. The very distinct flavour of cannabis led to multiple trial and error recipes that had to be manipulated perfectly to deliver a satisfying gelato for the customer.

“Cannabis has a very intense flavor, at first, it tastes like nuts, but the aftertaste is strong. That’s why it took us a month to find a good recipe.”Aldo De Michelis, who created the flavor with son Mauro and wife Emanuela Baudana,…