Margaret Cho talks marijuana and all the reasons why she loves it in this interview for Super Into. Her love for herb doesn’t fall short, and she has no shame about admitting all the reasons she loves to smoke in this interview with Kevin Pereira. She even tells all about her new strain that has just been released on the market.

Although it’s a funny way to start the interview, Kevin asks Margaret what she’s hoping to get out of the journey they are about to go on. Just like a proper stoner, Cho admits that she is damn well hoping to get high. Watch the video below.

Cho-G Kush

Cho’s new strain of marijuana is of course called Cho-G Kush. It was rated the number one strain for September last year by Smell the Truth. She says she loves marijuana because it’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s easy on the body and she just really loves to do it.

She tried it for the first time at 14 years old, and although she says she didn’t feel much, she has now come to have a very close…