Margo Robbie Is Smokin’ Hot In Cannabis Couture


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When it comes to pot, it has no limits. Not only does it have several benefits, but it also looks good to wear. Margo Robbie rocked a cannabis embellished Alexander Wang  dress during the premiere of Saturday Night Live. Although the Suicide Squad star didn’t directly state her views on the plant at that time, her attire says it all.

Weed meets Alexander Wang


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If you tuned into the premiere of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Margo Robbie’s dress probably caught your eye.

Of course, we cannabis enthusiasts catch anything with a pot leaf on it. And that’s what the Suicide Squad star had on. Not to mention, she looked stunning.

Although we’ve seen celebs sport a weed leaf on their shirts a time or two, this takes high fashion to a whole other level. In fact, cannabis is now meeting couture, thanks to Alexander Wang, the genius behind Robbie’s dress.

During New York Fashion Week in February, the same dress came down the runway as part of Wang’s Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection. As a result, cannabis is now trending in the fashion world.

Making a statement with fashion

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Robbie stole the show with that awesome dress. Although she’s best known for her roles in The Wolf of Wallstreet, Tango Fox Trot, and Suicide Squad, it’s fair to say she might now be known as the lady in theweed gown.

The star has yet to comment on her perception of cannabis during any interviews or social medias, unlike other celebrities. However, the piece she looked so amazing in pretty much tells us what we want to know. In general, the design of the dress that she chose makes a hell of a statement.

Although it’s unclear if she intended to make a statement with the gown from Wang’s collection, let’s view it as an indirect way of giving a thumbs up to the herb. Choosing to wear the dress is an example of how our world is beginning to normalize cannabis.

The dress


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So, where can you get the fabulous dress? As it turns out, the dress is available in-store at Wang’s flagship locations in New York City and London. Although you cannot purchase the pot version of the gown online, you can get a leafless copy from for $1,995.

Ultimately, it’s pleasing to see cannabis entering the world of high fashion. Although we love our pot-leafgraphic tees, the herb looks twice as fabulous in couture. Not to mention, fashion is yet another way to help smash the stigma surrounding cannabis and change the public perception of it.

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