Meet The Jamaican Woman Who’s Smoked Marijuana For 85 Years


What we really like to hear about at HERB is the old folk who still enjoy a smoke. Melita Gordon, 95, has been smoking marijuana for the better part of her life. In fact, she attributes her longevity to the fact that she has been committed to the herb. This woman swears by the herb, and so do we, and her story is inspirational for all marijuana enthusiasts out there.

A designated lighter

Melita Gordon has been smoking for 85 years and refuses to put the pipe down despite the protests of her family. She began her connection to marijuana as a designated lighter for pipes for those in her family. As they were part of a Rastafari culture, marijuana played a huge role in their belief system.

She was reaching ten years of age when she began this task as a designated lighter, although she was beginning her own private smoking rebellion. Melita was very secretive about her smoking habits when she began smoking and neglected to tell her elders about it. However, she is now completely open, honest and proud…

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