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Meet The Man Behind Social High (And Then Get It On Google Play!)


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If you’re reading this, you probably have social media.  In fact, you may be reading this because of social media.  Also, you probably like marijuana, as this is a Stoned Girls article, and that’s what we do best.  So, we’ve now established that you have social media and you like marijuana, therefore if you’re not on Social High, the brand new social media platform devoted to the cannabis community, you need to be.  We’ll give you a moment to check it out.

Ok, great.  Now, meet the man behind Social High.  Spoiler alert:  It’s not the federal government.  Sorry to quash some of your conspiracy theories you crazy Facebook users, but Social High is not a super-secret government run app dedicated to bringing down every person who has ever sparked a blunt in America.  The real man behind Social High is Scott Bettano, and he’s a pretty cool dude (who, once again, does not double as a federal agent).

Social High Feds

See, we weren’t joking.  Again, Social High is NOT the federal government in disguise.


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Have you ever met someone who makes the best out of everything?  That’s Scott Bettano.  Prior to creating Social High, Scott Bettano and marijuana had a tumultuous relationship.  In fact, it got him in a lot of trouble.  During a recent interview with him, we here at Stoned Girls got the whole scoop on what made Scott Bettano the man he is today, and why he was motivated to create Social High.

Scott’s love affair with marijuana started when he smoked his first joint at 15 years old, and while being high was super awesome, Scott is a capitalist at heart and realized he could make some green (pun intended).  He and a buddy of his would bag up a few joints and bring them to parties, mainly so they could party for free.  Not to mention, he wanted to look cool in college should someone pass him a joint, and we respect that level of foresight.

Have we mentioned that while he may be a savvy business man and entrepreneur, Scott Bettano is also a really good friend?  Well, while he was in college, he introduced a buddy to a few guys he knew back home who dealt with, well, larger quantities of weed.  Long story short, this is where the Mary Jane/Scott Bettano story goes a little haywire.  He wrote a movie script about the ordeal, so we don’t want to give too much away, but just know that it involved ransom money, and someone may or may not have had their legs broken (they didn’t, but could you imagine??).

Anyway, Mr. Bettano didn’t let that deter him, and he went on to be a very successful cannabis provider.  That is, until, the cops destroyed his house and arrested him.

Remember when we said Scott got in some trouble?  Well, by that we basically mean jail.  Scott did some hard time, and actually still has to see a parole officer, and did have to wear an ankle monitor for some time (it came off in April of 2015!).

When we asked him about his time in the big house, Scott said that on a serious note that it was sad to see a lot of young kids basically have their life ruined because of something that is legal in half the country now.  He said he saw a lot of the same faces coming and going because of repeat marijuana offenses, and it was a pretty vicious cycle that would follow them forever.  Also, he mentioned that there are a lot of bigger, real drug problems in America that aren’t being properly addressed.

Scott Bettano Ankle Monitor


Changing The Industry

Scott Bettano could have easily turned bitter about his Boston movie star, Wahlburg-esque, marijuana kingpin, ransom money paying, jail going life.  We think we speak on behalf of the entire cannabis community when we say we’re glad he didn’t.  Even if you only have the opportunity to talk to Scott for a few minutes (Be jealous – we got a whole hour), it is apparent that he is not only incredibly smart, but also probably the most positive person in the world.  Like we said, he’s the type of guy that will make the best of any situation – and he did!

It was important to Scott that the community he had operated in for most of his adult life had an accepting and understanding platform in which to engage.  For those of you who are on social media (all of you – we’ve established this), you probably know how most of it seems to try and hide cannabis enthusiasts in the corner (looking at you, Facebook).  But, thanks to Scott, we in the cannabis community don’t need Facebook.  In fact, all we need is Social High to connect with people like us all over the country!  Not only that, but Social High partnered with the powerhouse that is Leafly, and you can find strain data and medical information in conjunction with making real human connections in the cannabis community.

Nowadays, Scott spends his time networking in the cannabis community at conferences and events, spreading the good word about the good work he’s doing with Social High.  Yes, his parole officer knows.  When we asked him if it was a bummer that he can’t currently smoke (you know, that whole parole thing), in true Scott Bettano style he said that it was a little disappointing, but he was happy knowing he was making a difference with Social High.  If we could insert emojis into this article, know that there would be several heart eyes happening right now.

So, in summation, go download Social High right now.  For all you iOS users out there, click here to download it!  For all you Google fans, Social High is now available on Android, you can download the app here!  And, if you want to learn more about Social High, check this out!

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